Falcon Eyelow cost high speed USB 2.0 camera with endless possibilities

About Falcon Eye

Falcon Eye is research project created by members and associate members of professional association Sport diagnostic center Sabac. Idea was to create affordable low cost camera for students of sport and physical education science in order to capture/record slow and fast sport movements. Nowadays it is modern,  USB 2.0, tripod mount, manual lens, high speed (60fps and 100fps) camera that is easy to use and transport.

Background - Project unofficially started at 2012 when members started to use Kinovea (1) - open source software for capturing and analysis of human movement in sport. There was several issues as fast sport movements and marker tracking. Capturing human movement with markers was not accurate with 30fps cameras, trying to solve issue and knowing that there is no budget for high-end industrial high speed camera purchase, there was only one solution, to manufacture own camera.

(1) Charmant, (2016) Kinovea (Version 0.8.25) [Computer software]. Available from http://www.kinovea.org/

Falcon Eyelow cost high speed USB 2.0 camera with endless possibilities



Milan Djupovac project leader passionate with sport measuring devices, created project and gather all team members together, most time doing communication and project management.

Jelena Stosic master degree in sport science, motivating and motoring project with her knowledge in the field of biomechanics and motor control.

Ivan Misic and Zivan Milosevic colleagues who was incharged for all camera tests, making tons of videos done in all project phases.

Zoran Jevtic gave a lot impact in product creation, with his basic knowledge in electronics and mechanics, was involved in camera casing design, signal transport, mechanical test after production and other technical issues.


All members are faculty degree in sport and physical education science.

Associate members

Without of them project would never see day light, five of them gave their best knowledge to support project development.

Joan Charmant Kinovea project leader, open source software for human motion capturing and analysis, advising members about technical details, giving camera module review ​and providing other technical details played important role in camera development.

Zoran Dobrin faculty degree in electronics, worked on various technical details, especially on signal transfer, development and production of pcb port module, camera casing design and more pre-production and pos-production activities.​

Miro Rabrenovic faculty degree mechanical engineer, done his work in design, development and production of camera casing, there was 5 predesigns and 3 prototypes of camera casing before final version.​

Marko Gavrilovic architect​, put final touches in project, project graphic design charmed all members with half-falcon eye graphic and Adamant BG font style.


Falcon Eyelow cost high speed USB 2.0 camera with endless possibilities

Falcon Eye

Falcon Eye – technical specification

Vision technology based on OmniVision video sensor, model OV2710, which provide 2.0MP at supported image formats: MJPEG and YUV2(YUYU). Free drive video protocol: usb video class UVC. It has automatic control for exposure, white balance and gain, and manual settings for: brightness, contrast, color saturation, tone definition, gamma, white balance, backlight, sharpness, contrast and exposure.

  • Supported recording resolution are: 320X240@100fps, 352X288@100fps, 640X480@100fps, 800X600@60fps, 1024X768@30fps, 1280X720@60fps, 1280X1024@30fps and 1920X1080@30fps.
  • Casing: black anodized aluminum, 56x56x34mm (HxWxD) without the lens
  • Weight: 205g camera without the lens, 55g lens – 260g complete
  • Lens specification: CS mount, focal length 2.8 ~ 12mm, aperture F1.4, manual settings: iris, zoom and focus.
  • Operating conditions: from +10℃ to +50℃ (for lower temperature consider camera insulation)
  • Connection: USB 2.0 female port positioned on rear camera side.
  • Start package include: two USB 2.0 high speed cables (starter USB 2.0 cable 1.8m male-male USB connector, extension USB 2.0 cable 3m male-female USB connector), lens, lens cap and transport bag.

Motion capture software compatibility (please contact software vendors to get minimal hardware requirements):

  • APAS - Ariel Performance Analysis System 14.1.5 (older versions not tested),
  • Dartfish 9.2 (older versions not tested),
  • Kinovea 0.8.25 (older versions not tested).

In process to test Contemplas and Simi Motion software.

Demo videos

Please download demo video files. Save them on local computer and use latest experimental version of the Kinovea software for the best experience (Kinovea 0.8.25 at www.kinovea.org). You can check slowdown option, frame by frame play, marker tracking, image quality, colors, sharpness and others. Try to check video pairs, you will see that files has the same number or the name, but there is file name difference, at the end of file name there is mark: A and B, so try to pair them and play in dual mode in Kinovea. Maybe there can be some non synced videos, you can fix this easily with manual option in Kinovea, play back and forward separate video windows in dual play mode till you find common frame that you have to lock with link command in the bottom command controls (link button, when you hover it gives button name: Synchronize videos at the current frame).

Falcon Eye - promo video

Falcon Eyelow cost high speed USB 2.0 camera with endless possibilities

User manual

 User manual: falconeyemanual.sdcs.org.rs



"Very good camera for biomechanical analysis of movement characteristics. Those video records, using the Falcon Eye high-speed camera, are compatible with many programs for kinematics analysis of movements, such as Dartfish, AMTI, APAS and others. I am pleased to recommend Falcon Eye camera for everyone involved in biomechanical video analysis of human movement, whether professional or amateur."  Ratko Stankovic, professor of biomechanics at Faculty of sport and physical education in Nis, Serbia.

''The Falcon Eye presents a promising alternative to expensive high speed cameras. Additional development and validation should further improve usability of the Cameras in the 3D Kinematrographic analysis.'' Dragan Mirkov, Professor at University of Belgrade, Faculty of Sport and Physical Education.

''The Falcon Eye is a great camera already proving it's value in motion analysis in sports. The camera works great with freeware making it a very inexpensive and accessible setup for private practices (physio, osteo, etc.) as well as for personal trainers and sport clubs.''  Maarten Gijssel, Clinical Health Scientist/ MSPT

Falcon Eyelow cost high speed USB 2.0 camera with endless possibilities
Falcon Eyelow cost high speed USB 2.0 camera with endless possibilities


Sport diagnostic center Sabac

  • Contact person: Milan Djupovac – project manager
  • E-mail: sdcsabac@gmail.com
  • Skype: milandjupovac
  • Cell: +381641439779


Falcon Eyelow cost high speed USB 2.0 camera with endless possibilities